5 Helpful Tips on How to Get rid Of Mice in your House

Mice are hated by thousands of people and it is not in vain. They spoil grain, vegetables and other food. You can find them everywhere: from kitchen stoves to attics. Mice are not as dangerous and unpleasant as rats but they can carry different serious diseases like plague or cholera. They have flees. So, if your cat catches a mouse, it will be infected with these tiny bloodsuckers. People have been inventing new methods to fight with rodents. Some of them are more effective, other less.

To Get Rid Of Mice In Your House, Use These Simple Methods


Cat is a good mouse-killer. You should know that not every cat is good for catching mice. Some cats of high breed don’t do this. So, find a simple cat and make it your personal defender from mice attacks. It is better to take a kitten that will grow in your house and know every corner and hole.


It\’s an old classic way to get rid of mice. Traps are effective if in a big number (5-7 pieces at once). You also have to monitor the area where you’ve placed them to take mice corpses and throw them away. You can catch several mice per night. Why not during the day? Mice are afraid of people and prefer to leave their shelters in the dark periods.


Most mouse poisoned stuffs are highly effective. Strangely but some chemicals can cost almost nothing but kill mice perfectly. You can pour poisoned substances in different foods and toss in the place where you see a great number of mice holes. Be sure that your cat, dog or other pets cannot eat this food. Take special care of little children. They like to try everything they find. There are so many cases of kids poisoning with anti-rodents chemicals.


Oh, this method is rather complicated because you need time, cement and a great wish to dispose of these little monsters. Perhaps, you will have to spend several hours on mooring mice holes. Nevertheless, this method can be called one of the most effective ones. Of course, mice are quick to make other holes. But you will have time to prepare another weapon against mice.

Sanitary Epidemiological Station

This service is good when nothing else can help. If you have tried all possible and listed above methods and still have no idea how to get rid of mice in your apartment, call SES. Workers of this organization will use chemicals but it will be gas or another extremely effective substance.
If you have poultry, pigs, cows and goats, don’t be surprised to see mice in your house. They will appear quickly because they feel the smell of food. Always throw away the garbage, never leave foods on the table, avoid keeping grain in your house, and try to notice new mice holes. If their number grows incredibly, take measures immediately.

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