Best Flea Treatment

Both in front and offers advantages month protection from fleas. Both are in the form of drops of fleas. These are “current” flea treatments Cat gets into the skin of your pet. From a spot on the skin of your cat active ingredients of the products are absorbed by the sebaceous glands are distributed throughout the body. Being oil based, the two are completely impervious to bathe your pet without any problems.
Until now, these two products look the cat flea same. But despite being used in the same way that contain different active ingredients that give the different attributes.

Speed Advantage

Advantage flea drops cat flea gain speed action. Within an hour of contact with the fleas to die and just 12 hours after using the product all existing fleas and their eggs should be dead. First line on the other hand, takes a couple of hours to get really going, but he manages to kill all fleas within 24 hours.

First Power Line

Frontline for cats wins for power. Both products kill adult fleas and larvae. However, in the first line goes a step further by stopping the development of flea eggs and destruction ticks.

Long Flea Control

Advantage flea protection will consistently for a month. Frontline is guaranteed to do the same but is often effective even longer. Six weeks is the average effective, but sometimes up to ten weeks will be covered.

First line or Advantage

If ticks are a problem for your cat in front is definitely the best brand of flea drops. If not, things are a little less clear cut. While both products are also a good safety record of the owners could give only the minimum range of chemicals for cat. In this case, using Advantage with a single active ingredient would be the preferred option.
Personally, unless advantage can be obtained much cheaper The first line (which is not usually the case) I recommend using frontline cat flea treatment. This is because often continues to work for a period so long. This means fewer chemicals used and saved some money too.

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