Flea Bombs For The House

Infestations of fleas are quite common for homeowners, which not only the people but also the pets living in a house can also suffer from. In this case, homeowners can effectively control and prevent these infections by using flea bombs for the house. Even though there is more than one way to get rid of fleas, however, most of them prove to be quite a hassle and while the flees are being expelled, homeowners often have to leave their house. While these parasites are generally found on various animals and birds, however, fleas can also live on human beings too. Fleas usually infest an animal or a human being in order to feed on their blood in order to survive and multiply.
Using these bombs or flea floggers is the best solution for homeowners when fleas have spread throughout their house, rather than simply on their pet. On particular benefit of using these bombs is that they can be conveniently used only in the affected area of the house rather than everywhere.

Why Are Flea Bombs Better than Other Solutions?

The strength of the chemicals contained in flea bombs for the house is quite significant and once these bombs have been used, homeowners can forget about using them again for another six months or so. Apart from the fully grown fleas, even the larvae and eggs of these parasites will be effectively eliminated by the use of these bombs. In fact, these bombs can even be used for eliminating other household pests as well, such as cockroaches and mosquitoes.

What Makes these Flea Floggers or Bombs so Special?

Apart from effectively eliminating flea infestations from houses no matter how large they might be, an insect growth regulator that is referred to as Nylar is also released by these bombs. This way, in case some of the fleas are left behind, then the growth of these fleas is regulated for a period of approximately two hundred days. Another great thing is that usually a single flea bomb for the house should prove to be enough to eliminate a large amount of fleas from a house. If there are different pests infesting different rooms that placing a bomb in every room will eliminate them all.

How to Use a Flea Bomb

Before using these bombs, homeowners should use a vacuum to clean their entire house and should even give their pet a flea bath so that no fleas enter back into the house. Beds and plants in a house should be removed before using these bombs. Once all of this has been done the bomb can be placed in the middle of the room with the flea or pest infestation over a newspaper. Before the bomb is released all of the windows should be closed too. The chemicals in these bombs usually take about 1 hour to settle down.
Using these bombs is indeed quite an effective solution to get rid of fleas and other pests; however, they should be used carefully and after reading the instructions on the product. Homeowners are sure to notice the difference after using flea bombs for the house because all their pest problems, especially those irritating fleas, will be eliminated.

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