Flea Control Home Remedies

Each time that you see your pet scratching itself, the first thought that goes into your mind is of fleas on its lovely fur coat. With most people trying to avoid the chemicals, it is the flea control home remedies that are gaining momentum everywhere. These home remedies have been enumerated below:

  • using white vinegar;
  • adding apple cider vinegar;
  • making use of flea collar;
  • washing the floor;
  • usage of salt water;
  • use the light test.

Cleanliness Is The Key To Keeping Your House Flea Free

You need to keep the pet bedding, furniture, carpet, and basically your entire home free of fleas. What this requires is a bit of perseverance from your side.
A good way to keep your floor clean is by washing it daily. The juice of two lemons can be added to the washing water daily. The pet’s house is to be kept clean in order to ensure that it can evade any flea invasion. The flea control home remedies for keeping the pet house clean is to wash the floor as well as the floor with a salt water solution on a regular basis.
In order to repel the fleas from your bedding, you can always cut some pieces of flea collar and place these under the bedding of your pet. You may even keep some pieces under your furniture cushions.
You need to seal your house properly so that no flea are able to enter the house. You need to repair all cracks so that there are no places for flea to live.
It is also important to keep the outdoors clean as this is where flea larvae tend to breed. Hence, trim the grass and bushes and remove all weeds. Ensure that there is no stagnant water around. Also, remove any stack of sand or trash around the house.

Keeping Your Pet Clean To Avoid Any Flea Infestation

Do try to add a few drops of white vinegar to the bath water every time that you give your pet a bath. In case your pet is already infested with fleas, you can give relief to it by spraying it with a mixture of two parts of apple cider vinegar in one part of water.
Shampoo your pet regularly. Also, rinse well so that there are no irritations of the skin.

Assessing The Flea Infestation

You can always check the amount of flea infestation in your home. Simply add a little amount of dish detergent to water and place that in a plate under any light in your home. The fleas will get attracted to the light and then fall down in the plate and die.
Aloe vera juice is highly effective in controlling flea infestation. This can be combined with essential oils and then sprayed on the pet’s coat. Cedar chips are considered as highly effective flea control home remedies. You can choose bedding that is full of cedar chips. Also, place these in all those outdoor spaces that your pet tends to visit.

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