Flea Control Products

Taking proper care of your pet is very essential for the safety of both, your pet and you. The hygiene of your pet is a very important factor as it is the root of many common diseases. One of the most common issues regarding the hygiene of pets is the infestation of fleas that keeps the animal in a lot of distress and threatens the safety of human beings around it. Nowadays we are swamped with a vast array of flea control products to choose for our pets, but it is imperative that we choose the ones that are best suited for our pet.

Choosing Wisely

In order to do that, one should always seek the guidance of an expert veterinarian who will run small but significant tests on your pet to understand which brand of flea disinfectant is suitable for it. Just like your skin is sensitive to one kind of soap and more suited by another kind, your pet also has to have just the perfect kind of tonic to use.
Basically, there is now a wide array of flea control products available on the market for one to choose from. For starters, and most obviously, there are products available that are used on the host (your pet) itself. For example, there are specialized flea disinfectants for cats or dogs. However, science has proven that flea do not necessarily live on the host most of the time. In fact, it has been known that flea and tick normally develop 70% of the time outside the body of the host.
This has developed a different range of flea control products that are specialized in disinfecting our surroundings and getting rid of the fleas in house and other areas of the home. Firstly, we need to understand the magnitude of the problem. We know for a fact that the flea on the animal’s body are just a fraction of the ones already borne in the surroundings, which means that it is futile to just focus our attention to the host. For this purpose, there are now available different products that help fight flea out of our homes. Most of these products chemically contain boric acid which basically works by activating a mechanism that dehydrates the flea.

Household Measures

Apart from using different flea control products at home, we can also supplement the use of the pesticides by employing different household techniques. The growth of flea can be stopped by:Using de humidifiersRegular vacuum cleaning of the roomDecreasing humidity in the house, because flea larvae need 50% humidity levels to develop.Maintaining a lower room temperature, as fleas thrive on higher temperature.
Social Impact
The other main problem with flea is that they really get into the hair of humans. Literally! Flea can infest in a human’s hair in around about 15 minutes and once inside, they become quite difficult to get out and can cause itching and uneasiness. This has a bad effect on the social life of anyone. However one can get very efficient flea control products that help you get rid of flea in your hair without harming the health of your hair and not having side effects on your scalp either.

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