Frontline For Dogs Or Cats

Cats and dogs have been man’s companions and pets for many millennia, and are like family to their owners. You care about your pet, and never want it to suffer from a nuisance such as the common flea. A flea is a real terror to your pet dog or cat, and can cause health problems to the pet, and also to you and your loved ones. Frontline for cats or dogs is a precious product in preventing and ing your dog or cat for fleas. As a matter of fact, Frontline Spot On is unquestionably the most effective treatment for fleas in the world.

The Flea Is An External Blood-Sucking Parasite

Our canine and feline friends are prime targets to fleas due their fur coats as wonderful homes for the external parasite. Outdoors, especially, fleas are prevalent. This nasty insect thrives in any moist and warm environment, whether it’s in your room’s furniture, in your hair, or on your poor dog or cat. Just like a tick, this parasite literally sucks the blood from any mammal, including the human species.

Frontline Spot On Is The Best Treatment For Fleas

The only long lasting topical treatment against fleas that lasts a long time, and effective is Frontline Spot On. It destroys all the adult fleas within one day of applying it. It’s also very easy to use. Just spray Frontline for dogs or cats on its coat, away from the ear orifices and eyes using the included pipette. Your grateful dog or cat will have no more fleas visiting for many weeks. Frontline Spot On is the most effective flea treatment you can use to kill fleas without a prescription. You and your furry pets will be harm-free from the dreaded pest.

Frontline For Dogs Or Cats Is Similar Chemically

Frontline Plus for Dogs is fibronil 9.8% and S-methoprene8.8%, whereas Frontline Plus for Cats is fipronil 9.8% and S-methoprene 11.8%. Frontline for cats and dogs is not exactly the same thing, but it is fairly close:

  1. Frontline Plus for Dogs (fipronil 9.8% and S-methoprene 8.8%)
  2. Frontline Plus for Cats (fipronil 9.8% and S-methoprene 11.8%)

Cats have a different biochemical composition of skin, which requires a heavier dosage of methoprene. This increased percentage of methoprene for cats is not needed for your pet dog, but reportedly will not harm it. The lower level of methoprene for your cat, though, will be less effective.

Use The Dosage Of Frontline For Dogs Or Cats According To Its Weight

The effects, therefore, of Frontline Plus for a small dog will be the same as for a large dog; it’s just that for the same result, you must increase the volume of the Frontline. In other words, the composition, as long as you use the Frontline Plus for Dogs is the same for any size of canine. It’s wise to consult your vet, or check online for the correct dosage to use for your pet dog or cat. For safe storage of unused Frontline, consult your veterinarian before you do any research about Frontline for dogs or cats.


It’s to your advantage to question your pet’s veterinarian regarding how to treat your dog or cat with Frontline for dogs or cats. It’s highly effective, and a powerful chemical composition, you want to ensure that you are using the amount that is suitable for your precious pet dog or cat. Thanks to Frontline for dogs or cats you can kick those nasty fleas out of all your lives forever.

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