Yard Fleas – How to Get Rid of Fleas in the Yard

Getting rid of fleas in your yard is an important step to keep the fleas from invading your house. You can significantly decrease the chance of a flea infestation by taking the appropriate steps:

Kill Fleas By Using Insecticide

Fleas live in the grass and the dirt outside of your house. The best way to get rid of the fleas is to spray an insecticide over your yard. However, you must be careful of which one you choose because some chemicals can be harmful to your pets. Just make sure you read all of the warning labels so you can keep your pet safe.

Getting Rid of Fleas Using Natural Remedies

If you prefer a more natural to removing fleas from your lawn, there are options available to you. Diatomaceous earth is a microscopic plant that forms into a sharp shape when they are dried. When spreading the diatomaceous earth over the fleas, it will coat the fleas and cut them when it dries up. This will also dehydrate and kill them. However, there are down side to this product because it can possibly cause breathing problems for animals.
You can also use Borax over your lawn or in your house. If used inside your home, let it site for 2-3 days then vacuum it up.
Another good idea is to eucalyptus leaves. Fleas hate the smell of this leaf and they generally like to stay away from it.
The main problem with using natural remedies is sometimes the flea problem is so bad that a chemical is needed to kill the fleas. You will have to judge for yourself how bad the fleas are. Always make sure that you keep your pet safe when using a chemical based flea killer. Be sure to read the warning and hazard labels.

Block Fleas from Entering the Yard

It is a good idea to lay cedar chips along the fence line of your yard. This will prevent fleas from your neighbor’s yard from entering your yard.

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